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At Heartland Towing and Recovery, we're known for our heavy-duty towing services in Hannibal, Bowling Green, Palmyra, and Louisiana, MO. But our ability to serve our community extends beyond those larger jobs. In fact, we can provide light-duty towing services for everyday drivers whose vehicles stop functioning properly.


While the heavy-duty services apply to much larger vehicles, our light-duty towing services handle any and all two-door and four-door cars. We can also tow small pickup trucks, SUVs, and even sports cars, so if drivers find themselves in a situation where they are stranded, these consumer models are easy for our fleet of tow trucks to transport to a home, dealership, or body shop.

If you're not sure whether your vehicle needs our heavy-duty towing services or light-duty towing services, simply contact us and we will help determine your needs and dispatch the correct service vehicle to assist you. Chances are, if your vehicle is legal for the road, it's something we can tow. Call our towing company serving Hannibal, Bowling Green, Palmyra, and Louisiana, MO today!


For those who have never called a towing company, there are a few things to consider before making all the arrangements. Be sure you follow these five guidelines when considering towing companies:

1. Check Appropriate Permits

Any auto towing company should have a proper towing operation permit, provided by the town, country, or state in which they operate. Certification varies by locale, so it's important to check that everything is in place before hiring a company without legal authority to operate in a certain area.

2. Ask About Insurance

Just like drivers need insurance to operate safely and legally, tow trucks require their own insurance to cover any potential harm to a vehicle should something unexpected happen on the way to the dealership or body shop. It's a good idea to ensure the towing firm has an insurance policy to cover any unexpected damage.

3. What's the ETA?

Good towing services are timely, but sometimes a busy day (especially during bad weather) can create some wait times. Check the estimated time of arrival before making a commitment to hire a service.

4. Driver Experience

As with any job, good tow truck operators must be skilled. Experience often is a key factor when it comes to light-duty towing.

5. Fair Cost

No two towing companies charge the same prices and fees for a job, so stranded drivers should make sure they're getting an all-inclusive estimate. That means the driver must be specific when reporting a situation, so there are no surprise fees or extra costs when it comes time to tow a vehicle.


While known for our heavy-duty towing, we also respond to any stranded motorist and tow light-duty cars, SUVs, small pickups and other personal vehicles.