We offer 24/7 heavy-duty towing services in Hannibal, Bowling Green, Palmyra, and Louisiana, MO

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Our towing fleet of heavy-duty wreckers can help these vehicles get back up and rolling, so whatever inconvenience your trucks may experience will be just small bumps in the road.

In an ideal world, semi-trucks, box trucks and big-rig tractor-trailers would get from Point A to Point B every single time without any interruptions. Unfortunately, most drivers don't operate in an ideal world.

All sorts of mishaps can occur out on the open road - everything from blown tires to engine problems and everything in between. When this happens, your driver will need the assistance of a 24-hour towing and road assistance service, which is what we provide at Heartland Towing and Recovery in Hannibal, Bowling Green, Palmyra, and Louisiana, MO.

We know that when any vehicle in your fleet is disabled, your bottom line is at risk. We understand the importance of getting your vehicle to the repair facility or back on the road as quickly as possible. We understand that time is money, and the longer you are down, the greater the loss your business could potentially incur.

For these reasons, we do a fantastic job getting heavy-duty vehicles towed or repaired in a timely manner, all with the goal of keeping your Hannibal, Bowling Green, Palmyra, and Louisiana, MO, business running as smoothly as possible.


Heartland Towing and Recovery's fleet of heavy-duty wreckers and certified operators are equipped and trained to perform in even the most challenging of situations. Learn More About Our Fleet.

Whether you need diesel delivery, a jump start, a winch-out, or a heavy-duty tow from the Northeast Missouri and West Central Illinois area, we are here to help. In fact, we offer many helpful services for trucking companies, including:


If you need heavy equipment transported or have a disabled semi-truck, tractor-trailer, box truck, RV, or bus, we have an efficient and damage-free under-reach wrecker or flatbed trailer solution. Heartland Towing and Recovery's heavy-duty towing service provides both local and long-distance towing. You'll receive competent, professional service and impeccable quality at an affordable price.


In addition to under-reach wrecker towing, we also provide flatbed trailer service. Traveling axle flatbeds are ideal for transporting construction and other heavy equipment, which is another service we provide for businesses that simply don't have the hardware to transport heavy equipment to their ultimate destinations.


Heartland Towing and Recovery provides load-shifts, load-transfers, semi-truck jump starts, pull-starts, decking, un-decking, diesel delivery, lock outs, and basic mobile repair throughout Northeast Missouri and West Central Illinois. We also offer heavy-duty recovery services such as roll-over recovery, low bridge recovery, winching, and lifts.


We're heavy-duty specialists with a fleet of heavy-duty wreckers, including a 50-ton rotator. Our certified operators are trained to perform in the most challenging situations.